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Special wire harness for the horn on the steering wheel
Special wire harness for the airbag system
Flat ripen wire ,wire harness set for CD driver
Cable,wire harness for washing machine,coffee maker,microwave
Name£º wire harness


We process 2-pole to > 100-pole jacked cables in the widest variety of qualities from PVC, to silicon, to TPE wires with or without UL style on the most modern machinery.

Cross sections from a mere 0.09 mm2 to 2.50 mm2 are processed according to customer wishes.

The removal of the wire jacket at both ends during the cutting process or also the coiling of the cables occurs automatically.

Our highly motivated employees are optimally qualified for the further processing of jacketed cables. The handling and processing of jacket removal, insulation stripping, tinning by minimal measures, various connecting technologies and the assembly of complex wiring harnesses are taught regularly to specially arranged work groups.

Of course, modern machines with pneumatic table presses or semi- and fully automatic machines are available for the connection of all commercially available contact systems (and seals). Naturally, corresponding crimp force monitoring is integrated.

Using an ink jet printing process, the wires are

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