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¡¡¡¡Braun Tech ( Tianjin ) Co., Ltd.is a foreign-invested company that is invested by a German enterprise. Headquarter Braun GMBH of Braun Tech China located at Bayreuth in Germany.

Quality Guideline
¡¤Deliver goods on time
¡¤Flexibility, quick reaction to market fluctuations
¡¤Reasonable prices
¡¤Quick reaction in all arising interest
¡¤Quick introduction o f change
¡¤High quality target 0 mistake
¡¤Employment of qualified personnel
¡¤Continuous improvement
Special wire harness for the horn on the steering wheel
Special wire harness for the airbag system
Flat ripen wire ,wire harness set for CD driver
Cable,wire harness for washing machine,coffee maker,microwave
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