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Responsible for quality and environmental protection initiatives and their qualitative, economic, and environmental-related implementation rest with management as a whole.

Our corporate policy is explicitly based on TS 16949 and ISO 14001. It insures quality in all phases of production, from supplier to customer. Compliance with relevant and regulatory requirements and internal guidelines is integral to our business philosophy.

Thanks to a carefully designed training program, every one of our employees has a positive attitude to quality improvement, defect prevention, minimizing of hazardous materials use, waste, and emissions, and a concern for environmental protection. Internal and external communication and continuing education remain an important focus for us.

All Braun employees globally are expected to take the necessary steps to put this quality policy into practice. They are permanently involved in the process of quality improvement. Environmental protection considerations apply to every area of every employee's activity. Each employee's attention to environmental protection issues is verified, graded and monitored.

We aim to cultivate durable partnerships with our customers and suppliers and to involve them in our corporate policy.

All our products are produced in accordance with sound business principles, including a concern for the environment. We aim to insure a high level of customer satisfaction through:

  • On-time delivery
  • Flexibility and quick reaction to changing market conditions
  • Competitive pricing
  • Quick response to all issues as they arise
  • Quick implementation of changes
  • High quality - aiming at zero defects
  • Awareness of environmental issues
  • Employee competence
  • Environmental protection as an explicit and unwavering management objective
  • Constant improvement
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