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1992 Dieter Braun GmbH founded by Dieter Braun in Bayreuth, Bavaria, Germany Production of wiring harnesses for the automotive industry, medical and communication technology
1997 Founded new company ECM in Malta.

1997 Moved into the newly built production and administration building

1998 Founded branch BRAUN Kabel s.r.o. in Karlovy Vary in Czech Republic

2000 Acquisition of HAGO Kabelkonfektion OHG Bayreuth
Acquisition of HAGO branch OIET spol s.r.o. in Krajkova, Czech Republic

2000 Founded administrative branch BRAUN TEK LLC in El Paso, TX USA and production plant in Juarez, Mexico
2001 DIN ISO TS16949 and DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 Certification in Bayreuth

2002 Founded administration office south in Allensbach, Germany
Expansion of production capabilities to sealing technology with epoxy resin and Hot Melt technology (MacroMelt)

2003 Founded ELCATEC s.r.o. in Havlikuv Brod (Czech Republic)

2004 Founded FAVA Technics GmbH in Uzgorod (Ukraine)
2005 Founded branch BRAUN TECH Co. Ltd. in Tjanjin (China)
Founded administration office central in Grosskrotzenburg near Frankfurt/Main, Germany
Certification of all production plants according to DIN ISO TS16949 and DIN EN ISO 9001:2000
Environmental certification of corporate office in Bayreuth according to ISO 14001
2007 BRAUN TECH Co. Ltd. Tjanjin (China) Certification to DIN ISO TS16949
2008 AUCTUS acquires the majority on DIETER BRAUN GmbH
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